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The Path That Got Us This Far

The Path That Got
Us This Far

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The Beginning 

Back in 1983, Hans Jacob Sundby, our owner, realized his desire to work with child development. He embraced the value of stable relationships for children's development and decided to make a difference in the lives of as many children as possible.

In 1986, the future co-founder of Dibber, Randi Lauvland, had an eye-opening experience in which she witnessed how kids can grow and contribute simply by being shown that they have value.



In 2001, Hans and Randi used their interest in children's education and started selling pedagogical toys. They further expanded to decorating children's rooms in workout centers around Norway. They put their whole hearts in all the work they did.

The Start of Dibber 


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First Step to Achieve Their Dream 

In 2003, they bought their first preschool. With their experience as parents and educational work, they focused on creating quality content for their preschool. The first preschool started with 50 students and 15 adults using holistic approach to early childhood education. Here, children could become the best version of themselves through playful learning, interaction and mastery. The Dibber way of putting compassion, empathy and collaboration into learning programs took form in this first preschool.

Onwards and Upwards 


In 2009, Dibber operated 50 preschools in Norway. Over 225 adults took an active part in making a difference in the lives of over 1,020 new world citizens.

In 2013, the Dibber educational concept was organized into five subjects - The Heart Programme, Creativity, Language, Play with Mathematics and Nature.



By 2015, more preschools joined Dibber. With over 7,000 children and 2,400 adults, Dibber became one of the biggest employers of Early Learning Centers all over Norway.

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The Best of Both Worlds 


By 2017,  the Dibber team grew to 20,000 children and 6000 adults. Our preschools were now present in Norway, Sweden, Latvia and Dubai. One of the key success factors was knowing that a good Early Learning Center is a local one.

With this in mind, we opened the doors of our first preschool in Gauteng, South Africa in 2021. Continuing with our vision to make a difference in young lives, Dibber is set to launch its first playschool in India in 2023.

About Dibber India

Our Whitefield campus in Bangalore, is the first Dibber preschool in India. The well-designed campus encourages every child to explore, learn and grow at their own pace across the Toddler Jr., Toddler Sr., Nursery and Kindergarten classes. Following the Nordic approach, with a major focus on play-based learning, Dibber India prepares children for a successful transition into the primary school of your choice. 

Our Global Presence

Discover how Dibber brings Nordic pedagogy to schools around the world
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