We enable children to master life through child-centric educational experiences and environments

Dibber Early Childhood Education

With more than 550 state-of-the-art kindergartens, pre-schools and schools in 10 countries, Dibber is one of Europe's largest Early Childhood Education providers.

We view childhood as a complete experience, where care and education are interlinked. We believe that childhood has intrinsic value and is an immeasurably important period in one’s life. At Dibber, every child is seen as unique and valuable, and they are respected as individuals.




Nordic Pedagogy

Our pedagogical framework and curriculum is reffered to as “The Dibber Childhood”, which aims
to give every child the opportunity to embark on a
magical learning journey that will help them navigate
the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

Heart Culture

We work together to create a warm and inclusive environment at all our centers.
We look for the moments, big or small, where we can build trust, self-worth, relations, and
fellowship with the children and their caretakers.

Global Mindset

Dibber opened its first kindergarten in Norway in 2003. Now, we are the largest Early Childhood Education provider in the Nordics, and have more
than 550 centers in 10 different countries, with more than 13000 employees.

The Dibber Childhood

The Dibber Childhood Curriculum is our leading star.

It is through this framework that our Dibber children become keen explorers who love to learn, who develop the competencies needed for everyday life, and who can find their unique place in this world. 

At Dibber, we work with parents to establish a learning environment that encourages and motivated young minds to achieve mastery. Our curriculum is a great blend of traditional and international learning approaches and gives each child the opportunity to learn and thrive! 

Encouraging uniqueness 

Every child is unique in their own way and we, at Dibber, encourage this uniqueness. We cater to the individual developmental needs of the child in a way that they feel seen and can access every opportunity to grow to their full potential. 

Our Global Presence 


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