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Join the Dibber Family

At Dibber, we are Driven by Heart

One of Northern Europe’s largest early education providers brings the best of Nordic learning to India!

Dibber International Preschools provide Early Childhood Development services with the aim of making every child feel valuable and becoming the best versions of themselves.


More than just educating, Dibber shapes the minds and hearts of tomorrow's leaders, nurturing the future, one child at a time.

Every Dibber employee plays a critical role in shaping young minds. We nurture their ambitions, providing opportunities for professional development and personal fulfillment, while they create magic for our little learners.

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Lifelong Learning for Lifelong Growth

We view talent attraction and retention as a journey filled with golden moments for both the candidates and our employees.


It all begins with the important discovery when individuals first encounter our company, setting the tone for a trusting relationship by effectively showcasing ‘The Dibber Way’, opportunities for growth and by creating a positive perception of the organization as an employer of choice.


How do we Improve Dibber Work Culture?

Employee Voice:

By actively seeking anonymous feedback and conducting performance dialogues that focus on development, targets and overall progress, Dibber demonstrates a commitment to creating an inclusive and transparent work environment.

Continuous Learning & Growth:

Our employees are offered abundant growth opportunities, fostering a culture of lifelong learning. We support internal moves, enabling individuals to explore diverse roles, functions, units, and even international experiences.

Regular Check-ins & Instant Feedback:

To maintain alignment and ensure a continuous feedback loop, Dibber encourages weekly to biweekly meetings and instant feedback. They aim at providing proactive input for development, allowing individuals to adjust and enhance their skills or outcome.

Leveraging Technology:

Investing in collaborative tools and technology is a joint effort to facilitate seamless interaction, especially considering our diverse and dispersed teams. We have a unique ‘People Platform’ designed to facilitate employee dialogue in a structured way with a user-friendly interface.

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Faces of Dibber

Diverse. Passionate. United

Our employees, from around the world, form the backbone of the Dibber Family. From triumphing over challenges to leading groundbreaking initiatives, their personal and professional experiences and exceptional contributions set every individual at Dibber apart.


Come on a journey across cultures and continents, as we celebrate the voices and dreams that shape the Dibber Family!

Come, Say Hello!

Come, Say Hello!

We would love to have you visit us to know more about our beliefs, values, curriculum and to know how we can make a difference in your child’s life. If you have any queries that we can help you with, we would be happy to do so! You can get in touch with us via phone.

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Discover how Dibber brings Nordic pedagogy to schools around the world
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