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Enjoy a Fun Summer at Dibber

Summer Camp at Dibber, Whitefield (13th March – 28th April 2023) 

Learning at Dibber is a joyful experience where children nurture their curiosity and embark on a lifelong adventurous journey of learning. Come, experience this at our first Summer Camp in India where children will learn new skills through arts, crafts, play, and nature exploration. 

Summer Camp Highlights: 

  • Inspired by the Nordic way of learning which focuses on developing the whole child - placing equal importance to the academic, physical, emotional and social well-being 

  • Based on Nordic curriculum, considered one of the most progressive and respected in the world 

  • Encourages your child to try new things without the fear of failure 

  • Play based learning where play is a source of experience and competence that contributes to their learning and development  

  • 7 weeks of different themes so your child learns something new every week! 

  • Designed by leading pedagogues from Norway and India 

  • Implemented by experienced educators 

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Our Global Presence

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Come, Say Hello!

Come, Say Hello!

We would love to have you visit us to know more about our beliefs, values, curriculum and to know how we can make a difference in your child’s life. If you have any queries that we can help you with, we would be happy to do so! You can get in touch with us via phone.

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