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The Dibber Meal: Building Lifelong Relationships One Bite at a Time!

Kids are having Dibber meal

In Indian culture, food is more than just for sustenance; it is a rich blend of heritage, traditions, and social bonds. Traditional Indian cuisine emphasizes fresh, seasonal ingredients and balanced meals, and this deep connection with food goes beyond the plate, setting the stage for children to develop healthy relationships with food from a very young age.

In many Indian households, meals are shared, promoting togetherness and mindfulness. This practice benefits children in:

  • Developing Social Skills: Enjoying a meal together and sharing food strengthens relationships, fosters communication, and creates long-lasting memories. 

  • Encouraging Mindful Eating: Savoring each bite teaches children to listen to their bodies and helps them develop healthy eating habits.

Dibber embraces this culture of communal mealtime experience, where children eat together - with their friends, educators, and caregivers - share stories, and learn the importance of connection and mindful eating.

What is “The Dibber Meal” Concept?

At Dibber, we believe that the foundation of a child's development lies not just in education, but in nurturing the whole child - mind, body, and their soul. Rooted in our Indian heritage, where food is a celebration of life, culture, traditions, and health, we introduce "The Dibber Meal" concept. 

This revolutionary concept is more than just food on a plate. It embodies our commitment to holistic education by integrating nutritional excellence, cultural diversity, and sustainability into everyday meals. This concept aims to build a positive relationship with food, fostering lifelong healthy habits in children.

So, how does a child experience mealtime in Dibber International Preschools and what are the values that aid them in having a wonderful experience?

The Experience

Fostering Fellowship

Meals at Dibber are communal, bringing together friends, caregivers, and educators. This shared experience cultivates a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Building Connections

Conversations at the meal table help children develop social skills and emotional intelligence, reinforcing the importance of community and cooperation.

Instilling Confidence

Encouraging children to use utensils and explore food independently boosts their fine motor skills and self-confidence

Taste Training

By introducing a wide variety of foods and flavors, we enhance children's palates and reduce picky eating habits

Food Knowledge & Local Sourcing

Discussions about how food is cultivated promote an understanding of nutrition and the benefits of consuming fresh, local produce

Cultivating Table Manners

We teach children good table manners and basic cleanup practices, making health and hygiene a fun learning experience

Fine Motor Skills

Giving them the opportunity to use utensils and explore food without getting frustrated about making a mess.

Cleaning Up

Encouraging basic clean up practices such as washing hands to make it a fun learning experience about health and hygiene.

Protecting Our Planet

Emphasizing sustainable practices during meals, we instill a sense of environmental responsibility in our children

The Dibber meal is integral to building connections—with people and with food. It ensures that children receive the nutrition they need for their physical and cognitive development while fostering social skills and emotional well-being. Sharing a delicious meal is a joyous experience that reinforces our values of togetherness, fellowship, and community.

Weaving Magic in the Kitchen

At Dibber, the fresh ingredients transform into well-balanced and flavorful meals. Led by our Global Head of Food Services and The Dibber Meal, Frode Selvaag, and Concept and Business Developer, Victoria Lunde – both from the Dibber Headquarters – we craft meals that are not only nutritious but also delicious and appealing to young palates. Our team is dedicated to making every meal a learning experience, encouraging children to explore and enjoy their food. 

Like Frode rightly says, “Children are the future, let’s give them the basic knowledge of taste, health, and sustainability”.

How We Do It at Our ECD Centers in India? 

At Dibber, our meals are more than just calories. Expertly crafted by nutritionists, they're packed with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, designed to meet children's growing needs and tastes. We cater to dietary restrictions and preferences, ensuring every child enjoys a wholesome, appetizing meal that supports their learning journey. 

Our Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers adhere strictly to the meal regulations and restrictions of each country. We respect religious and cultural food preferences and offer vegetarian meals in India. 

Building Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts, Globally! 

We believe that ‘how you learn’ is as important as ‘what you learn’. Child obesity and other diseases related to poor nutrition are rampant. Habits that children form today are likely to be carried into adulthood and we want them to make sustainable, healthy choices. 

We ensure that the meal provided to our preschoolers in India are based on Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) set by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Our menus are packed with colorful fruits and vegetables, nutritious millets, and other familiar favorites that fuel little bodies and minds.

However, meals at our schools in India, and globally, are not only focused on forming sustainable habits and helping children develop a positive relationship with food, but it is also a global adventure! Here are some of the many ways we do it:

  • Meals are Cross-Cultural - We want children to experience a variety of foods to open them up to diverse cultures and cuisines. From local farms to global flavors, the Dibber Meal connects children with diverse, nutritious foods that celebrate both local traditions and international tastes. And we are already on our way towards creating global citizens. 

  • A Love for Food - Each child is different, and we appreciate their uniqueness. However, introducing them to tastes is a job for the adults around them. This is crucial to engage their taste buds and nudge them towards courageous food choices. 

  • From Seed to Spoon - How food reaches the plate is an interesting journey. How it is cultivated and how it travels to us is a conversation to be had with children. Our awareness of the food cycle and what we choose to do about it directly affects our environment. 

  • Brain Development - While every facet of life influences a child’s early years, nutrition and sleep are most decisive when it comes to brain development. Providing foods that maintain stable blood sugar helps children sustain concentration and feel fuller for longer.

Our approach transforms picky eaters into adventurous food explorers, ensuring they receive balanced, nutritious meals that nurture their growth and development.


At Dibber International Preschools, we believe that a well-balanced meal is not just about nourishment—it's about fostering a love for food, building healthy habits, and creating a community around the meal table. They gain a deep appreciation for diverse cuisines, learn the importance of sustainability, and develop positive relationships with food that will last a lifetime. Join us on this delicious journey of growth and learning, where every meal is a step towards a healthier, happier future for our children.  

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