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Partner with Northern Europe's #1 chain of Preschools!

Franchise Opportunity

Dibber Numbers

Step into the heart of Dibber, where our numbers tell a tale of dedication:

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20 years
of wisdom

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About Dibber

At Dibber, we help in shaping a brighter tomorrow for the youngest generation. We believe that every child's journey is a precious story waiting to be written. With love, care, and a touch of magic, we nurture young minds through play while learning, shaping them into tomorrow's leaders. 

Our warm-hearted team, proven pedagogy, and safe, playful spaces create a world where dreams take flight. With our Early Childhood Education services, we are crafting a better future, one heart at a time.

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Our Purpose is to develop lifelong learners with a heart for the world.

Our Locations

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249 kindergartens
4 schools

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12 kindergartens

Ellipse 4 copy 4.png


182 kindergartens

Ellipse 4 copy 6.png


22 kindergartens

Ellipse 4 copy 7.png


8 kindergartens

Ellipse 4 copy.png


71 kindergartens
4 schools

Ellipse 4 copy 2.png


5 kindergartens

Ellipse 4 copy 5.png


4 kindergartens

Ellipse 4 copy 6 (1).png


1 kindergartens

Ellipse 4 copy 7 (1).png


5 kindergartens

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Dibber Presence in India

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Our Beginning

We proudly launched our first Dibber School in March 2023, forging a path towards enriching education for children across India.

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Bangalore - 3

Delhi NCR - 2
Hyderabad - 1

Pune - 1

Opportunity in India

India presents an unprecedented opportunity in the field of early childhood education. By the end of 2023, our mission is clear: We aim to illuminate every Tier 1 city and establish an impressive network of 100 preschools.

190 mn

children in the age group of 0-6 years

The estimated preschool and childcare market size is

13,000 Cr

Market will grow at an expected CAGR of


for the next 5 years

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Why Invest with Dibber?

Dibber Franchise Support

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Dibber Schools provide a nurturing environment designed for your child's holistic development.

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IT Support

Access to our IT platform with systems like CRM, Dibber App, and Admission portal to ease back-end operations

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Operational & Quality Support

The Dibber Rule book outlines all SOP’s needed to run the unit according to Dibber’s standard.

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Brand & Marketing Support

Dibber brand guidelines help you create a beautiful experience. We also help partners with marketing collaterals for local level promotion and support with National Level Marketing

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Standard Startup Kit

Unit kit with layout plan to deliver Dibber childhood experience for children while at the same time keeping child’s safety in mind

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Training & Development

Dibber will provide extensive training divided into 2 phases Leverage our employee and leadership development program tailored to each role

Franchise Requirements

Joining the Dibber family as a franchisee partner involves meeting key criteria that resonate with our mission:

  • Embracing the truly amazing Heart Culture

  • Area: 4000 to 5000 sq ft carpet area mandatory

  • Investment: Rs 50-60 lacs (depending on the area)

  • Contract Period: 5 years

  • Classroom and other locations as per Dibber specifications

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Our Journey: A Timeline of Growth

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Hans Jacob Sundby discovered his passion for child development and realized the importance of stable relationships for children.

Shape 591 copy 5.png


Co-founder Randi Lauvland witnessed the transformative power of acknowledging a child's value.

Shape 591 copy 5.png


The journey began with the sale of pedagogical toys and decorating children's rooms in workout centres across Norway.

Shape 591 copy 5.png


Dibber's first preschool opened its doors, focusing on holistic early childhood education and nurturing the best versions of children through compassion and play.

Shape 591 copy 5.png


Dibber expanded to operate 50 preschools, impacting the lives of over 1,020 young learners and 225 dedicated adults.

Shape 591 copy 7.png


Dibber is set to launch its first playschool in India, capitalizing on the unique opportunity in early childhood education.

Shape 591 copy 5.png


By the end of 2023, Dibber aims to illuminate Tier 1 cities across India and establish 100 schools by 2025.

Shape 591 copy 7.png


Dibber opened its first preschool in Gauteng, South Africa, continuing its mission to make a difference in young lives.

Shape 591 copy 7.png


Dibber expanded internationally, reaching Sweden, Latvia, and Dubai, with a strong emphasis on local engagement.

Shape 591 copy 7.png


Dibber grew further, becoming one of Norway's largest employers in Early Learning Centers, serving over 7,000 children and involving 2,400 adults.

Shape 591 copy 7.png


Dibber's educational concept evolved with structured programs in The Heart Programme, Creativity, Language, Play with Mathematics, and Nature.

Awards and Recognition

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Dibber received the award “Preschools Franchise Startup of the Year for 2023”- from Franchise India

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Dibber Rullan Särskolen wins “Better school” quality award in 2020

Layer 36.png

Dibber Rullan Särskolen awarded Top 50 organizations in Education 2019 by Global Forum for
Education and Learning

Layer 37 copy.png

Dibber Pre-school Backen Huddinge wins award for their outstanding work with sustainability (2022)

Layer 38.png

Dibber Geitspranget nature pre-school wins Pre-school of the Year in Norway (2021)

Check Parents' Opinions

Layer 32.png

Sushin enjoys going to school every day with his friends and teachers. We are grateful to the team for providing an excellent preschool experience for our little one. 😊

Saketh Ganti,
Lalitha Madhuri

Layer 32.png

When your child's seemingly random activities become more structured, it's a sign that they have found a place where they feel at home. The efforts of the educators are evident in the child's positive response, making it feel like a great school. I am pleased that Sivanesh was able to choose this school for himself.

Shashi Bharadwaj

Layer 32.png

Krewan is having a good time with his friends. He has learned to feed and entertain himself. We hope to continue seeing progress in the future. Thank you! 😊


Nancy Rastogi

Frequently Asked Questions

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