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The Dibber Concept of Learning

Dibber Sustainability

Together We Will Make a Difference

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On the company level, we ensure that our policies, procedures, guidelines and pedagogy outline sustainable and ethical practices that are actionable on the ground.​

On the team level, we build a culture where sustainability, social responsibility and business ethics are the standards by which we evaluate how we or our partners are doing.​

On an individual level, we encourage everyone  at Dibber to get involved in promoting ethical and sustainable practices, within Dibber and in their communities.​

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Our Ambitions

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Become one of the leaders in sustainable practices within education.​

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Make a significant positive difference for the children, whose lives we touch and societies, within which we operate.


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Embed sustainability into everything we do and  for everyone we work with.​


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Contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.​

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